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Are you tired of slow TDS internet speed and want to check your internet speed? Here is a TDS Speed Test to check your internet connection speed. Our reliable and unbiased tool tests your TDS broadband speed. It’s your right to test net speed because you are paying for it.

TDS is an American telecommunications company with headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. TDS provides reliable high-speed internet and premium Wifi – including fiber packages with speeds up to 2Gbps in select areas.

 What is an Internet? 

The Internet is a network of billions of computers that are interconnected with other computers all over the world. Through the internet, computers can communicate and send information all over the world.

In 1969, the United States company Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) made a network in which one computer sends a message to another computer, which is known ARPANET project.

In this project, a user of one university talks to a user of another university to discuss their research details. After this invention, many networks were created and in 1995, the Internet was fully commercialized in the World, especially in the U.S.

 What is TDS Speed Test? 

TDS Speed Test or Internet speed test measures the speed of your internet connection with the connected device. It performs many different tests to measure the quality of the TDS connection. Many factors include wifi speed like download speed, upload speed, ping, etc. These factors are further explained in the article.

An online internet speed test is the quick and easiest method to find the speed of your broadband or cellular data. It checks your wifi or broadband speed within one minute.

How TDS’s Speed test is Working?

When you click on the ‘GO’ button, it identifies your location and connects it with the nearest local server. It sends and receives some data from your device to the test server and measures your download speed, upload speed, ping, and jitter.

 Download speed 

Download speed is receiving data from the nearest server to your internet. This is measured in Mbps or kbps. The good internet downloading speed is 25 MBps.

 Upload Speed 

Upload speed is data transfer from your internet to the nearest server. This is measured in Mbps or kbps. The good internet Uploading speed is 10 MBps.


Ping is the time to determine how much fast data transfers to its destination. It is the responsiveness to your internet connection. The lower the ping, the faster the internet.


A jitter is a time delay in sending the data packets over your internet connection. The longer data packets arrive, the more jitter can slow internet speed.

TDS Speed Test

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Factors that affect the TDS speed test

Many factors affect the TDS speed test. A few of them are explained below:

1- Bad weather such as heavy rain cause damage to ethernet wires or connectors to get wet and stop working.

2- If you are using a poor-quality ethernet cable, it also slows down your internet speed. The length and quality of the ethernet cable can affect the TDS speed test.

3- Sit near the wifi router using a wifi connection. Poor wifi signals also slow down the speed of the net.

4- Instead of old laptops or mobile phones, make sure to use the latest laptops or mobile phones. Also, don’t use an old broadband router.

Make sure that these factors are not affecting your TDS wifi speed; after solving these issues, contact your ISP support if you face slow-speed internet.

How to test the TDS internet speed?

It’s like a walk in the park for you to test your online net speed with our tool. Here are a few steps to perform your TDS speed test.

Open your browser and search our website; you can use any browser.

Click on the ‘GO’ button, and the tool will start measuring your network speed.

Within one minute, the accurate value of download speed, upload speed, jitter, and ping will appear on your screen.

This is a third-party neutral and errorless broadband or mobile data speed measuring tool, which provides the precise value of network speed for free.

FAQs about TDS Speed Test

Q- How can I improve my TDS broadband speed?

Restart your router, try to sit near the wifi modem, and turn off the internet from all devices which are not in use.

Q- What speed will I get with TDS?

TDS broadband provides an average of 1000 MBps download speed.

Q- Why is TDS Internet so slow?

Many reasons cause slow internet speed like an old browser or router, lousy weather, and obstructions in wifi router.


I hope the TDS speed test helps you to check your net connection speed. Moreover, contact your TDS internet support if you are facing slow internet speed. Also, don’t forget to share our website with your friends and family members.

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