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Are you facing the issue of slow-speed internet? Sometimes, you get slow speed from your internet service provider and are unaware of it. Here is an Internet Speed test tool to check your internet speed.

 What is the Internet Speed Test? 

Internet Speed Test measures the speed of your wifi connection and cellular data services. It measures ping (latency), upload speed, download speed, and jitter. These terms are explained further in the article.

 Ping (latency) 

Ping is the time to determine how much fast data transfers to its destination. Ping is the responsiveness to your internet connection. It is most often denoted in milliseconds (ms). The lower the ping, the faster the internet speed.

The device sends and receives data to the nearest server during the ping test. This completes a roundtrip, and ping (latency) is measured during this roundtrip.

 Download Speed  

The speed at which your device receives the highest amount of data from the internet. While testing your internet speed, it connects to the nearest server and receives data from the server. When the data is received, downloading speed is measured.

 Upload Speed 

The speed at which your device sends the data to the internet. Opposite to downloading speed, when your internet connects to the nearest server, your internet sends the data to the nearest server. When data is received by the server, uploading speed is measured.


Information is transferred from your computer through data packets across the internet. A jitter is a time delay in sending the data packets over your internet connection. The less the jitter will more the speed will be.

Why is the Internet Speed Test important? 

The main reason for testing the internet speed is sometimes you are getting less speed from your internet service provider (ISP) than what you are paying for.

Sometimes, you are downloading large files and facing an issue of slow-speed internet. You play games and face slow load problems or issues in the live stream. To solve these issues, you need to test your broadband speed. If your speed is less than your requirement, you need to upgrade your net package.

Many factors are involved in net speed; you should check these factors to get good speed according to your requirement. Download and upload speed are the main factors of the internet. Some people require high download speed, and some require high upload speed. To check these factors, you need to perform an internet speed test. 

 Factors that affect Internet Speed 

Many people using the same internet simultaneously affect the internet connection speed.

Doing multiple heavy tasks simultaneously also affects broadband speed, such as live streaming, downloading large files and video conferences, etc.

Sometimes, your ethernet cable gets damaged and slows down your internet speed.

If you are using wifi, then prefer to sit near the router or modem to get good signals.

Lousy weather also slows down internet speed, its causes moisture in connectors and damages the wires.

You should use an updated browser and the latest router device because old browsers and routers that work with a slow processor can slow down your net speed.

internet speed test

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How to increase your Internet Speed

1- Restart the wifi modem weekly; ensure that all the wires are correctly connected.

2- Turn off wifi from all devices, not in use.

3- Place your modem away from obstructions that affect the signals.

4- Always prefer to use short-length internet cable.

5- Delete all useless apps that use the internet in the background from your computer and mobile.

6- Try to use the internet near the wifi device or modem.

7- Use a wifi extender to expand your signal range.

 Advantages of the Internet in our Life 

The internet is one of the greatest inventions and provides endless knowledge and entertainment. The internet brought many changes and made our lives easy and fast. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine life without the internet. A few advantages of the internet are discussed below:

Emails, messages, voice & video calls are the most accessible sources to communicate with your friends or family. Now, you are just one click away from connecting with anyone worldwide via the internet.

If you have any query about something or need to get knowledge, you have to search it on google and get many web pages or videos on youtube.

By using the internet, you can pay gas, electricity, and different bills with just by few clicks.

On the internet, now you can start your online business and promote & advertise it on different platforms and earn from it.

You can download videos, movies, and books from the internet with a fast net.

Did you know? There are 4.5 billion people online, over 1.7 billion websites, around 6 million blog posts published daily, and millions of google search happening every second. These stats show how much we depend on the internet these days.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q- How does this tool check my internet speed?

After clicking on the “START” button, our tool connects your internet to the nearest server and sends & receives data from the server.

Q- What is the best time to perform a speed test?

When facing slow-speed internet, make sure to perform a speed test. Before performing a speed test, turn off wifi from all the devices and sit near the modem. If you use the ethernet cable, ensure all the lines are correctly connected, and any wire is not damaged.

Q- For gamers, what should be a good ping in the game?

Sometimes, your enemy in the game beats you just by one second. Because they have better ping than you. For gamers, 0-59 ms is a good ping. 60-119 ms is the average ping, 120-159 ms is the lousy ping, and 160+ ms is the worst.


I hope this article helps you to test the speed of your internet. Also, you get information about how internet speed test is performed. If you are still facing slow-speed internet, make sure to apply all these tips which are explained above. After using these tips, contact your internet service provider (ISP) if your issue remains.

Our tool measures your internet connection speed with just one click. Our website also provides specific ISP speed tests if you want to do a particular ISP speed test. Also, don’t forget to share your wifi speed test result on social media.